Public acknowledgement of our effort and dedication is always a great source of joy and inspiration.
Thank you to all who have provided written testimonials recognising our work, we look forward to continue working with you.
All the best.


“Having worked with Alda Couto (…) I would like to commend her on her extraordinary proofreading abilities. Her professionalism and competence clearly shone as she delivered a high quality piece despite very tight timescales, which happens all too often in this field. Her analysis and adaptation of the revision and language to suit the profile and character of the novel were notable and ensured there was a full appreciation of the Portuguese language and its variations in tune with the environment, flavour and objective of the novel, article, etc. An excellent professional!”

João Tibério
Editorial Assistant at Leya – Dom Quixote

"I’ve received tutoring from Viagem das Letras since it opened (when I was in third grade) until I concluded 9th grade. It was a huge source of support both for my educational development and my personal life. Viagem das Letras was a place where I could study, socialise, talk and always find the help I needed. I would highly recommend Viagem to any child or teenager, sadly I no longer receive tutoring there now that I’m in 10th grade and in a different field. Despite that, every time I need help with my Portuguese/Philosophy I always go back to this service.”

Margarida Louro
10th grade Science & Technology student

"As the mother of a teenager (tutored by Alda), I am greatly appreciative of the support and dedication which we have received over all these years. I’m grateful for the teaching and tutoring that was provided in every subject matter but also for the care and support which enabled my daughter to grow personally and intellectually. I owe Viagem das Letras and in particular the person who heads this excellent project, Alda Couto, a huge thanks.”

Carla Louro
Business owner


“Inês is a consummate professional with extensive background in various technical areas enabling her to very accurately interpret and translate complex language in projects and reports. Ines always delivers on time and executes her work with insight, enthusiasm and drive.”

Roland Alick
Project Coordinator - London Borough of Brent

"I worked with Alda at Jornal i as a designer whilst she was a proof reader. Alda is a very professional and calm person, which is very helpful in the stressful environment of a daily paper’s newsroom. She always sports a kind smile, lots of cheer and sometimes some culinary delights. It is always a pleasure working with her.”

Ana Soares
Designer, Jornal i

Professionalism, precision and care. Each word must be carefully thought through and be the best fit for each phrase, Alda Couto’s work takes all that into account. Without ever forgetting to respect the language and the reader.”

Vanda Marques
Sub editor at SÁBADO magazine

Speaking various languages is essential for a Tourism and Hotel Management student. With Maria Diaz, I found a more personalised and unique way to learn Spanish. Although she hasn't been teaching for long, Maria has proved to be very professional, available and responsible. Through private tutoring she has taught me the basics which I'd never learnt before, in a very productive way as she would adapt herself to my learning rhythm. Aside from being very kind Maria is an excellent professional. Highly recommended!"

Maria Sesinando
Tourism & Hotel Management Student


Aside from thoroughly enjoying working with Alda Couto at SÁBADO magazine, I am relaxed and reassured as I’m fully confident in the effectiveness and competence of her proofreading skills. Her professionalism and qualities are on a par with her kindness.”

Dulce Neto
Sub director at SÁBADO magazine


Alda is exemplary in her attention to detail. When she was part of the revisions/proofreading team at jornal i she demonstrated the best qualities of care and effectiveness. In closing a daily publication a great deal of care and attention is needed as well as speed and agility. Alda combines all those elements, with notable enjoyment – and knowledge – when working with the Portuguese language, with words and their possibilities.”

Tiago Pereira

“Alda Couto is an excellent professional, dedicated, intelligent and very thoughtful. Every time we worked together she was compliant and always available to respond to all the requirements asked of her.”

Ana Kotowicz Journalist

“My tutor Alda is an excellent professional with many talents and an incredible ability to motivate students to acquire new knowledge. From Portuguese to Maths, she taught me to think and establish study methods which I use to this day. Thus, everything that I was taught contributed to my success as a student.”

Filipa Fernandes
Dental Hygiene Student

"Alda Couto dedicates herself with optimism and openness to enable the full existence of each child/young person in the educational project Mostra o Teu Herói® (Reveal your Inner Hero). Being accustomed to this age group, she lovingly and wisely seeks to help every individual find themselves in their own skin, with conviction and without fear. A trailblazing project and an exceptional intervention."

Carla Ferreira

I worked collaboratively with Alda Couto at SÁBADO magazine during the holidays. Alda is a very competent and responsible professional, always careful to check on the editorial options of each publication in those cases where there is more flexibility with the rules. She is also very flexible in adapting her working hours around project requirements. As in all professions and business areas, both technical competencies and personal qualities are a must. In this respect Alda is very kind and always willing to facilitate the team’s work.”

Manuela Gonzaga
Proof reader at Cofina Group

This is my testimonial, as a mother and educator, as I would like to thank you for the five years you have dedicated to my daughter Sofia who started at Viagem das Letras in 4th grade until the 8th grade; the commitment enabled her to get the most out of each school year. They were very strong years which have delivered results. So much so that Sofia is now in 9th grade and does not need any help, she learnt the study methods which Alda embedded in her over the years and can now do it herself. It is clear to see that Alda had an excellent impact on her. Many thanks for all your help throughout.”

Alexandra Narciso
Operational Assistant at Escola Miradouro de Alfazina