The Team

All three of us are from Portugal.

One has an immense love for the Portuguese language, another is a seasoned traveller who has lived & studied in several English speaking countries, and the other shares a genetic and linguistic bond with the Spaniards.

We have come together at Viagem das Letras to serve you.

Here we are tutors, writers, translators, proofreaders. We are educators and trainers. We work with children, young people and adults of all ages and backgrounds.

Alda Couto

As a tutor for over twenty years, she has ensured high educational achievement of hundreds of children and young people whom she has worked with from all socio-economic backgrounds.

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Inês Carvalho

Vast experience translating technical and academic reports/articles/publications as well as international tenders and applications.

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Maria Diaz

Experienced in communications, translations/retroversions and in teaching Spanish.

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